After several weeks of intense Instagram initiations, the inaugural 6ACRE KICKS FESTIVAL finally opened its doors on Saturday 27.7.13. Situated down one of the alleys in the Northern Quarter of Manchester at 2022NQ, most phone batteries were already down to 70% before entry due to the reliant use of Google Maps.

Outside the venue, the 6 Acre team split the queue up into two sections; VIP tickets and standard tickets, which allowed for an easy and smooth entry. This also allowed you to analyse the competitors for the ‘SOLEHEAVEN Shortlisted’ on feet heat competition with Kish Kash judging, opted for a real mixture of winners, including Stussy Huaraches, Paranorm Foamposites, Ronnie Fieg’s ECP Gel Lytes and Piano & Patta Max 1s.

Inside however, in vast contrast to the exterior, you were immediately met with the extreme heat. Fighting in the ferocious furness in amongst the foray, fiending for that fiery footwear find, it was hard to tell what was actually causing the heat. The lack of air conditioning aside, the 6 Acre team had accumulated a real diverse selection of collectors, artists, resellers and retailers.This provided to be just the right balance.

Present were THE INHERITED STORE, SOLEHEAVEN, STANCE SOCKS and the ETC STORE alongside some private resellers and some not so private resellers.The smaller sizes and females were also covered by APRILS KICKS, and brands EDUCATE ELEVATE and SOLEUNIT. Adding to the vast array of stalls was artwork and customisation by Jonny Chaos, Davo Howarth, SY Illustrations and From Virginia too.

As the drinks poured, the speakers pumped and the place packed, transactions were going through thick and fast. Whether it was taking part in the swap shop or at one of the stalls, plenty of people were searching high and low for their holy grails. In amongst the midst of the multiple 2013 general releases, if you looked hard enough their were those gems to be found.

There was no way of knowing that this was the first 6 Acre event; we couldn’t believe how many people had turned out. A massive indication to the constant growth of the sneaker community and culture; sneaker heads from across the UK came to show their face in appreciation and support for the Northern sneaker scene.

The only negatives was the fact the microwave-esque basement couldn’t quite handle that volume of traffic. Whilst it would have been hard to plan and presume, at least the guys will know for next time to go even bigger and better. We mustn’t forget that it isn’t easy establishing an event of this magnitude. So props to the guys at 6ACRE for the hospitality and we look forward to seeing what you have in store for the next one.
























Round Up: @LukeMatthews_
Images 1 – 9: @levski86
Images 10 – 23: @stuartiansmith
Video: 6ACRE