When it comes to the future of skating at Southbank, things have stepped up a gear in recent weeks. The Southbank Centre submitted an amended planning application for their ‘Festival Wing’ scheme, as well as a new, separate planning application for their proposed replacement ‘skateable space’ under Hungerford Bridge (commonly known as ‘Birdshit Banks’, for very good reason). The recent video we’ve seen of their consultants talking about their horrendous 3D renders of the proposed replacement facility has filled us with dread.

Acting now is crucial to the preservation of the Undercroft. By making your objections known you can prevent the destruction of this much loved creative space. We ask you to take a few minutes out to sign the online objection form here – – which is vital to try and help get things preserved.

LLSB’s new educational campaign film ‘REVELATIONS OF A CULTURAL VANDAL’ went online recently, which introduces the aggressive and deceiving campaign the Southbank Centre have employed beyond the glossy Festival Wing brochures. See the film in its entirety below.

Preservation, not relocation.



Words by @chrisaylen

Photo by @gsafeexposure