• Celebrate a Legendary Skate Icon with the adidas Aloha Super Mark Gonzales

  • August 20th, 2018
  • News

adidas aloha super mark gonsalez white black 2

In recognition of their 20-year partnership with legendary pro skater Mark Gonzales, adidas are releasing the ADIDAS ALOHA SUPER MARK GONZALES.

What can you really say about Mark Gonzales that would do him any justice at all? Without any doubt, his unique, creative way of thinking has had more impact than almost anything else on modern-day skating. Taking tricks from the concrete skateparks and applying them to a real street environment made skaters realise that they didn’t necessarily need to travel to a skatepark to have fun. Mark’s style, ingenuity and sense of fun has been unmatched for over thirty years now. If you want any verification of just how incredibly good and far ahead his skating has been, re-watch Mark’s section in the classic Blind video, ‘Video Days’ (arguably the best and most significant skate video of all time).

For his latest adidas shoe, inspiration comes from an adiStar fencing shoe worn during his 1998 performance piece at Städtisches, and comes constructed with exaggerated black stripes matched with a smart, neutral colour palette. The mixed fabrication of nubuck and leather features reinforced leather on the tongue, heel and eyestays for extra durability. A solid addition to the adidas skate line-up, it’s classic Gonz through and through.

The ADIDAS ALOHA SUPER MARK GONZALES is AVAILABLE NOW. Check out the accompanying video below, shot last month in NYC, where Gonz recreated his legendary 1998 avant-garde performance – and then hit the banner to shop the latest over at ADIDAS.


adidas aloha super mark gonsalez white black 1