Pairing brands with musicians is often just an exercise in boosting sales, with tenuous links between all concerned. For a lesson on the right way to do things, you need look no further than the long, genuine relationship between ADIDAS ORIGINALS and RUN DMC.

When Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay asked the crowd to hold up their shoes in Madison Square Gardens while the trio performed ‘My Adidas’, they formed the start of a life-long affiliation that has stood the test of time.

This Friday sees the release of the exclusive and limited edition Run DMC Superstar 80s and a premium Run DMC apparel pack. The Run DMC Superstar 80s comes with a printed leather sockliner, regular and fat lacing, plus elastic tongue construction, which allows us to wear the shoes in the full Run DMC-approved manner: without laces.

The ADIDAS ORIGINALS x RUN DMC SUPERSTAR 80s will be available online on FRIDAY 9.8.13 and can be found via the link-through at the foot of the post, and check out the video of RUN DMC talking about their first pair of adidas below.