asics x cncpts gel lyte v 0

ASICS and CONCEPTS are currently keeping us guessing with the inspiration behind this new collaboration. Although there’s no official line on the subject, the off-white colour of the uppers, combined with blood red detailing on the midsole has led people to suggest that the theme could be based on a certain film about a certain narcotic…

The 2001 film ‘Blow’ concentrates on the antics of George Jung – AKA Boston George – who, like CONCEPTS, is from Massachusetts. Although this is an unusual concept for a shoe, the images shown here certainly back up the idea of the cocaine-inspired colourway, which is only enhanced by the custom vial that houses the extra laces and the slightly unpleasant custom printed insoles. Concept aside, the shoe is finished off with some 3M detailing on the logo and laces, which is always a nice touch… I mean, who doesn’t like a bit of 3M?

Although we may never officially know what the concept for this shoe is, we do know that the ASICS X CONCEPTS GEL LYTE V is scheduled to release at Concepts FRIDAY 30 JANUARY and we’ll have all the info you need about the EU release up on our RELEASE PAGE soon.

asics x cncpts gel lyte v 3
asics x cncpts gel lyte v 1
asics x cncpts gel lyte v 4
asics x cncpts gel lyte v 2
asics x cncpts gel lyte v 5

Source: Highsnobiety