Well worn is the CONVERSE approach to encouraging you to have a shiny new pair of shoes without looking shiny and new. There is nothing like your scuffed up old comfy pair of Chuck Taylors so for March 2013 Converse have invented the Well worn collection. In all the new seasonal colours, Butterscotch, Tango Red, Turtledove and the rest, these new style Chucks are part of a softer canvas collection with stained and distressed sole and toe caps, slightly dirtied and thinner laces. Generally one gets that comfy old shoe feeling the first time you put them on.

In support, today Converse announces the GET DIRTY free music series at the legendary 100 CLUB.

Inspired by the Converse seasonal brand expression “Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty,” the new music series celebrates the uncompromising mindset of throwing yourself in headfirst and resurfacing with the marks and scuffs that prove it.

The GET DIRTY gigs in LONDON will bring together a diverse range of talent including Ghostface Killah, The Cribs, Gallows, Doom, China Rats, Carnival Kids and more, on 17th, 18th and 19th of April. Through eclectic line-ups, all embodying the GET DIRTY spirit, fans can get a chance to access an unrivalled music experience.

For more information on how to win tickets to the events, visit www.converse.co.uk/getdirty …and if you fancy picking up any of the CONVERSE ALL STAR CHUCK TAYLOR WELL WORN COLLECTION, then click on any of the images below, as they should be available online real soon.



Source: Converse