Following 2012’s retro resurgence, we saw EWING ATHLETIC – Knicks legend Patrick Ewings’ brand and brainchild – pivot and run riot back onto the scene. Staying true to its roots and rich heritage, Ewing have decided to delve into their archives and bring back the FOCUS alongside the GUARD MID and, arguably their most iconic model, the 33 HI. As the brand pride themselves on opinion and feedback (the brand’s revival was mainly down to a huge online demand) it felt only right to start 2014 with Patrick’s shoe of choice.

2014 sees the rebirth of the Focus, which Ewing wore for one of his many All-Star seasons, in a Chinese red suede. The silhouette, amplified by its neoprene liner and adjustable ankle strap, really pays testament to the original. With such a clean shape on top of that much-wanted scarlet colour pallet, the Focus ticks all the boxes for us.

Another member of Ewing’s 2014’s release team is the Guard Mid in a rich vibrant orange suede; a brand new colourway for this model. Set off with a royal blue trim, there is no fear of not seeing your teammate cross-court ready for an alley-oop in these. The Guard is a slightly slimmer model to its older brother, the 33 Hi, which offers a nice alternative if you prefer your kicks to be more easily accessible and more wearable too.

The final player in February’s drop is the 33 Hi. Another silhouette coveted and worn by Patrick himself, this model lies alongside the classics in basketball footwear’s hall of fame. Using a similar black suede to last seasons Guard, the 33 Hi comes with the iconic reversible ankle strap which can completely change the dynamic of the shoe.

Ewing are most certainly starting as they mean to go on, making use of some great colours and using only high grade materials too. The EWING ATHLETIC FOCUS, 33 HI and GUARD MID are available via the link-through below.









By @LukeMatthews_