The final instalment of the TIER ZERO NIKE AIR MAX COUNTRY CAMO PACK is scheduled to drop at the weekend. Consisting of both of the BRITISH offerings, we see the NIKE AIR MAX 90 and NIKE AIR MAX 95 finished in their ‘Two-colour Desert DPM’ disruptive camouflage print and also both of the JAPAN make-ups – the NIKE AIR MAX 90 and NIKE AIR MAX 95 finished in their ‘JSDF Dot’ disruptive camouflage print.

With a staggered release on such a strong pack, the hype is only going to be stronger than that of the first two drops, so expect there to be a full frontline push for these come the time. The BRITISH NIKE AIR MAX 90 & NIKE AIR MAX 95 and the JAPAN NIKE AIR MAX 90 & NIKE AIR MAX 95 from the COUNTRY CAMO TZ PACK drop this SATURDAY 16.11.13 at 00:00hrs BST… and as always, we’ll have you hooked up via the link-through below. Good luck!