• The Nike ISPA Flow 2020 SE Returns in Olive Tones

  • April 30th, 2021
  • News

ISPA Flow 2020 SE

The NIKE ISPA FLOW 2020 SE is inspired by extreme sports athletes who aren’t afraid of taking things in hand to maximise the efficiency of their footwear. Often referred to as “gram shavers,” these athletes trim things down to the bare necessities. In this latest addition to the premium running category, things are kept lightweight and breathable via a perforated outsole that allows the internal intake of airflow. The framework for the shoe’s outsole and the open weave mono mesh take earlier concepts and experiments and bring them to reality for an ultra-modern result.

The NIKE ISPA FLOW 2020 SE releases on SATURDAY 1 MAY: follow the banner below to check them out.