tropicalia lead

After catching a glimpse of them housed in a glass Trinomic-branded pyramid at Crepe City 10, we are now getting a proper look at what PUMA has in store for the months ahead, starting with the PUMA TROPICALIA RUNNING PACK.

Perhaps inspired by the forthcoming football festivities, PUMA have lined the inside of four retro running makeups (two XT2+, two R698) with a colourful graphic derived from Brazil’s national flower–the ipê-amarelo. While the sockliners are positively garish, the actual outer colours are comparatively tame. Each silhouette gets a predominantly monochrome upper – either black or light khaki – with some sparse but flamboyant highlights in pink or aquatic blue. Both shoes are nubuck-built, but while the XT2+ features a canvas base, the R698 really gets us excited with a laser-perforated underlay. All four makeups are thrown over white midsoles with a dark gum outer.

All four pairs of the PUMA TROPICALIA RUNNING PACK will release on SATURDAY 12.04.14 and you can head over to the release page for all the info via the link-through below.

PA3374-15584 PA3374-15585 PA3374-15588 PA3374-15586 PA3374-15589 PA3374-15593




By @Nicsman